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Experience Pain-Free Movement with Precision Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections

Embrace a new era of pain management. Our state-of-the-art ultrasound-guided joint and soft tissue injections are precisely targeted to alleviate your pain and restore your lifestyle. We combine advanced technology with personalised care to deliver effective, fast, and lasting relief for arthritis and tendon pain.

Joint Pain Can Be Debilitating

If you are one of the millions of people living with arthritis, aren’t you tired of living with relentless joint pain or dealing with the persistent inability to do the things you once loved? Does it feel like these issues are holding you hostage, preventing you from fully enjoying your life?

Free Yourself

Don't Let Joint Pain Rule Your Life

Joint and tendon pains can rob you of the simple pleasures in life, like playing with your kids, enjoying a round of golf, or even just going for a morning walk. The longer these issues persist, the greater their impact on your life becomes.

woman with wrist pain due to inflammation
man in pain from knee osteoarthritis walking downstairs

Traditional injection treatments might have let you down before. Maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of repeated injections that don’t quite hit the mark or even caused additional discomfort. The process itself can feel like a shot in the dark, leaving you wondering if there’s a more effective, less painful way to get the relief you desperately need.

Why Choose Ultrasound Guided Injections?

Targeted Results

Our ultrasound-guided injections are the equivalent of turning on the lights in a dark room. We deliver the medication directly to the source of your pain, leading to rapid relief and reducing the need for repeated treatments. Ultrasound-guided injections have been shown to be significantly more effective than un-guided injections.

Safe and Sound Approach

By using the ultrasound guidance, we can avoid any collateral damage to the surrounding tissues, nerves, or blood vessels, significantly reducing any risk of complications. Your health deserves no guesswork, and we ensure it doesn't get any.

Improved Comfort and Satisfaction

Let's cut down the discomfort associated with injections. Our technology allows us to find the most efficient route to the target, often limiting the number of injections you need. Say goodbye to the apprehension of pain that usually comes with traditional injections.

Unparralleled Accuracy

If you have ever had a joint injection that has not worked, you may find yourself wondering whether the medicine was put in the right place? Current evidence shows image guided injections to be significantly more accurate than blind injections (1)

This video shows the precision accuracy required to deliver the medicine directly to the knee joint space in our patient.

Anne's Journey

Anne, like many of us, lived an active life. But then knee pain from osteoarthritis began to creep in. The pain was there when she woke up, persisted throughout the day, and even disturbed her much-needed sleep. She sought relief, and had even tried an unguided steroid injection previously, but the results were disappointing – the unrelenting pain remained.

When Anne visited our clinic, we understood her frustration and despair. Together, we agreed on a different approach: a combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin and Ostenil Plus injections with the key precision of ultrasound guidance ensuring the treatment got to the exact location of the problem. The crippling pain was significantly reduced, and Anne found herself re-engaging with life. She could do her daily tasks more comfortably, her sleep improved, and she could enjoy her everyday activities once again.

Anne’s story is all too relatable for many people. If you are wrestling with the persistent pain of osteoarthritis, know that there’s a path to relief. We’re here to walk it with you, just as we did with Anne.

Novel Non-Surgical Treatments That Get You Moving Again

Steroid Injection

Ideal for acute pain and inflammation, providing rapid relief of up to 3 months or longer

Arthrosamid Injection

arthrosamid logo

A game-changing synthetic gel that provides long-lasting pain relief of 3 years or more for osteoarthritis.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Injection

platelet rich fibrin/plasma in syringe prior to injection

A natural treatment using your body’s own healing factors to promote recovery.

Ostenil Plus Injection

ostenil plus injection

Helps to restore the natural lubrication in your joints, improving mobility for up to 6 months.

Durolane Injection

durolane injection

A single injection treatment that can provide osteoarthritis pain relief for up to 12 months.

What Conditions We Treat


  • Shoulder osteoarthritis
  • Elbow osteoarthritis
  • Wrist and base of thumb
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Ankle osteoarthritis
  • Great toe


  • Rotator cuff 
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • Thumb (De Quervain’s)
  • Trochanteric bursitis (Greater trochanteric pain syndrome)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis

We Care About Your Comfort And Safety

We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest quality care for our patients. Our clinic has been designed with the utmost patient comfort in mind.

A key feature of our clinic is our purpose-built procedure theatre, tailored specifically for ultrasound-guided injections. Here we carry out effective, minimally invasive treatments in a safe and controlled environment.

Our facilities are not just clean and clinical, they are designed to offer a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Your Journey With Us

Pain shouldn’t put your life on hold! When you are in pain you want the best possible treatment in a timely and convenient matter. Our patients come first and thats why we ensure a seamless pathway from consultation to treatment.

Appointment Booking

Discover the ease of scheduling appointments with our convenient online booking – your path to consult us when it works best for you. Curious about a treatment? Don’t hesitate to reach out! A dedicated member of our team is always ready to respond to your questions through a simple phone call or email. We can offer same day appointments giving you the reassurance you can get the best treatment when you really need it.


Your journey towards relief starts with a comprehensive consultation with our skilled doctor, who will attentively hear your concerns, conduct a thorough examination, and guide you towards the most beneficial course of action to alleviate your symptoms.

Procedure and Aftercare

knee ultrasound examination

If suitable, we provide the convenience of carrying out your ultrasound guided injection treatment during the same visit as your consultation. This streamlined approach not only ensures you receive timely care, but also enhances your overall patient experience. Rest assured, we’ll equip you with comprehensive aftercare guidelines, and should you need us, follow-up appointments are readily available, so you’ll never feel left in the lurch.ultrasound guida

Dr Soul Mugerwa is a GP with specialist interest in Musculoskeletal Medicine and Minor Surgery. He has published multiple papers in reputable peer reviewed medical journals, is a GP Educator and Clinic Tutor for University of Liverpool Medical Students.

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine and is a Member of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (UK). He has over 10 years experience in performing joint and soft tissue injections and minor surgical procedures.

dr soul

Dr Soul Mugerwa

MBChB(hons), MRCGP, DFSEM (UK), PGDip Aesthetics

Clinic Director

Join Our Patients Living Pain Free

"I had hyaluronic acid/PRP injection done last week into my knee, im so happy with the results. I'm walking better and sleeping better. Inflammation/swelling and pain is now at a minimum. I would definetely recommend your clinic. I'm one happy customer."
Anne M
"Fantastic clinic, very nice and experienced staff, totally professional. I received an injection in my knee, I didn’t feel a thing and the effects where amazing, hopefully getting another one soon I can’t wait."
Gary M
"After having the joint injection in my knees, it has made my mobility easier and I can get around without pain. Absolutely amazing!! "


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We do not perform injections for the spine including the neck, lower back and sacroiliac joint.

The discomfort experienced during the procedure can vary from person to person. You may feel a slight pinch or pressure when the needle is inserted. The local anesthetic included in the injection usually helps in minimizing the pain. Our skilled clinicians do their utmost to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

The procedure itself usually takes about 15-30 minutes. As it’s a non-surgical treatment, the recovery period is minimal. Most patients can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure and return to their normal activities within 24 hours. We will provide you with specific aftercare instructions based on your individual needs.

Many patients experience relief within a few days to a week after the injection, but the exact time frame can vary depending on the individual and the specific joint treated.

A referral is not required for the consultation and procedure. You can book an appointment with us directly at your earliest convenience.

This will depend on your private health insurance provider. Most of our patients are self funding but it may be possible to claim the cost of the treatment afterwards if you have insurance cover. It is recommended that you first check with your provider to ensure that they will cover the costs.