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3 years sustained relief from knee arthritis with a single treatment,

Fight Back Against Knee Osteoarthritis

For too many of our patients, knee osteoarthritis is a fact of life, a daily struggle that significantly reduces their mobility, comfort, and enjoyment of life. Every step becomes an agonising experience, each movement of the joint a reminder of the deterioration happening within. The condition can be debilitating, impeding work, social, and family life. Traditional treatments – pain medication, physical therapy, even surgery – are often just temporary solutions are often short lived solutions with surgery being the final and most drastic step.

Imagine living with this constant pain. Your days filled with discomfort, your nights restless from aching. Climbing stairs feels like scaling a mountain. Simple tasks such as gardening, shopping or even just a walk in the park become challenging endeavors. Worse still, the pain medication can lead to long-term dependency, and the possibility of surgery may entail significant downtime, risks and an uncertain outcome.

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What If You Could Obtain Long Lasting Relief For 3 Years or More?

Introducing ARTHROSAMID:
An intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel (IPAAG)

We’re excited to introduce a groundbreaking knee osteoarthritis injection treatment now available at our clinic. We one of only a select few clinics in the North West offering a new long acting treatment for knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis. ARTHROSAMID® is a new type of treatment for knee osteoarthritis that offers patients an effective alternative to the currently available therapies. Based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, ARTHROSAMID® is 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5% water. When injected into the knee ARTHROSAMID® cushions the joint and reduces pain, providing safe and sustained relief, all with one injection. 

This injection is minimally invasive and is performed in the comfort of our clinic. Most importantly, it has a rapid recovery period and you can often return to your daily activities immediately. Embrace a future without the constraints of knee osteoarthritis, a life where you’re back in control.


How Does Arthrosamid Work?

ARTHROSAMID® is an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection (iPAAG) for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Think of it as a gel-based solution, kind of like a cushion that helps ease your knee pain.

When we inject ARTHROSAMID® into your knee, it works by improving the natural ‘oil’ in your knee joint, which has become less effective due to osteoarthritis. This oil, called synovial fluid, is crucial because it acts as a lubricant and provides cushioning for your knee. By enhancing this fluid, Arthrosamid® helps to make your joint move more smoothly and comfortably.

But that’s not all, ARTHROSAMID® also settles into the inner lining of your knee joint, creating an additional layer of cushioning. It’s like adding an extra pillow inside your knee to alleviate the impact from walking and other activities.

The best part? When we administer this injection, we use ultrasound guidance. This means we can see exactly where the injection is going in real time, ensuring it’s placed precisely where it will do the most good. It’s like using a GPS for your knee, giving you the peace of mind that the treatment is targeted right at the source of your pain.

It can reduce your pain, decrease stiffness, and help movement. It has been shown to be safe and can give long-acting pain relief, improving your quality of life.

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How Effective is Arthrosamid?

"80% response with the under 70 year olds"

"We Use Precision Ultrasound To Guide Our Injections to Exactly Where They Are Needed - No Guessing"

A New Solution for Long Term Freedom From Arthritis Pain

Minimally Invasive

ARTHROSAMID ® is injected into the knee joint space as a minimally invasive, out-patient procedure. You do not need to stay in hospital for treatment. The treatment is performed with ultrasound guided precision.


ARTHROSAMID ® has undergone two decades over of research and development with approximately 1,000,000 units used for various indications in the body.

Long lasting

In clinical trials, patients treated with a ARTHROSAMID® reported a reduction in their knee pain levels by Week 4 after their injection. The reduction in pain was sustained over 3 years.

Want to know more?

We have more information and resources if you would like to find out more about the treatment. Click below to read the Arthrosamid Brochure and Patient Information and Find out how Arthrosamid can take you one step closer to getting back to normal acitivities. 


Ian M
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I had an arthrosamid injection in my left knee on 6th October 2023. The injection was not painful at all. However for the next four days I had severe swelling and pain which subsided each day. It is now 4 weeks since I had the injection and I have only slight pain on the outside area of my knee. I have had knee pain since my 40s which is over twenty years at a pain level of 8/10. I would say it is now about 2 to 3/10. It can take about 12 weeks to reach maximum benefit so I am looking forward to the next 8 weeks
Pervez A
Read More
Wow. Absolutely magical arthrosamid injections. Thank you seems inadequate words for the debt of gratitude I owe you all. Most of the acute pain is now gone I am looking forward pain free walks I used to do before. Professional par excellence Thanks again.

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Studies with Arthrosamid® have only been carried out for the treatment of Knee osteoarthritis so at this time it is only indicated for use in the knee.

Arthrosamid® is different from viscosupplement injections such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and regenerative stem cell therapy. Unlike these treatments, Arthrosamid® becomes an integrated part of the soft synovial tissue in the joint capsule and provides long-acting and sustain pain relief.

Arthrosamid® intra-articular (IA) polyacrylamide gel (iPAAG) is safe for its intended use treating knee OA pain symptoms. The most common adverse events (side effects) in clinical trials were injection-related mild to moderate pain and or mild swelling during the first weeks to months after the injection.

As Arthrosamid® works to cushion the joint, it can reduce your pain, decrease stiffness, and help movement. The hydrogel itself does not degrade and therefore it provides long-acting relief, improving your quality of life. In clinical trials, patients reported a significant reduction in their pain symptoms by week 4 after their injection and, unlike other injectable treatments, the average level of reduction was maintained at the 3-year follow-up period.

Arthrosamid® is approved for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis so any patient with this condition may be suitable. However treatment with Arthrosamid® may not be suitable for everyone. Your doctor is the best person to advise you, but situations where you should not use Arthrosamid® (contraindications) include*:

– If you have an infection at or near the injection site

– If you have haemophilia or take anticoagulant treatment

– If you have had knee replacement or knee arthroscopy within the past 6 months

*This is not a full list of contraindications. Please refer to your doctor to see if Arthrosamid®can help you.

The hydrogel making up the injection will not degrade and therefore will provide long-lasting relief. So far, most patients have reported a significant reduction in their pain 4 weeks after their injection, and the average level of reduction was maintained at the 3-year follow-up period.

If you suffer with osteoarthritis pain and the pain is not controlled by simple pain killers and lifestyle modifications, then you could be suitable for Arthrosamid® treatment. To find out if Arthrosamid® is right for you, please consult your doctor.

The treatment could be repeated if required and advised by your doctor. It is not recommended to repeat the treatment within 6 months.

Yes. Antibiotics need to be taken 2-3 hours before the ultrasound guided injection of arthrosamid. These will be provided to you by the clinic.

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