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Revitalise Your Joints and experience the Freedom of Movement with Ostenil Plus for Osteoarthritis.

Millions of people are living with the painful and debilitating symptoms of Osteoarthritis. The chronic stiffness, swelling, and pain in the joints can severely limit mobility and hinder the quality of life. Osteoarthritis is not just a minor inconvenience; it’s a progressive disease that can lead to a drastic reduction in one’s ability to perform daily tasks. It affects not only the physical well-being but also the mental health of the sufferers. Current therapies may provide temporary relief but often fail to address the underlying cause of the symptoms. Furthermore, oral medications can have systemic side effects, while surgical interventions are invasive and can require prolonged recovery. The problem  is complex and often requires a multimodal approach.

knee osteoarthritis

What Happens to the Joint in Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is not simply wear and tear. It involves the key component of hyaluronic acid. Usually, our body keeps a perfect balance of maintaining normal hyaluronic acid levels within the joints. This substance helps our joints move smoothly. But in osteoarthritis, this balance is thrown off and this makes the fluid in our joints, called synovial fluid, more watery and less effective.

Because of this change in the fluid and other more complicated reasons, the cushioning in the joint starts to wear away. In some spots, this cushioning, called cartilage, might even go away completely. When the fluid gets thin and the cushioning wears down, it leads to the common signs of osteoarthritis, like pain, stiffness, and swelling.

ostenil plus injection

Introducing Ostenil Plus

A targeted and innovative treatment designed to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. OSTENIL PLUS contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps to lubricate and cushion the joints. We inject this into the joint using ultrasound guidance to ensure it gets to the exact place it needs to act, giving you added reassurance. It can provide 6 months or more relief from Osteoarthritis pain allowing you to do more.

Key Benefits

Restore Lubrication and Movement

OSTENIL PLUS enhances the joint’s natural lubrication, restoring its lubricating, shock-absorbing and filtering properties. This in turn leads to reduced stiffness and improved movement, allowing patients to participate in daily activities with greater ease.

Reduced Inflammation

knee inflammation

OSTENIL PLUS reduces inflammation of the synovial membrane. This can lead to significant reduction in pain and swelling. Many patients experience a noticeable decrease in pain within a few weeks of the injection.

Safe and Sustained

OSTENIL PLUS injections are generally well-tolerated, with most people experiencing few side effects. For patients looking to avoid or delay surgery, Ostenil Plus injections can serve as a non-invasive alternative to help manage symptoms foir 6 months or more.

"We Use Precision Ultrasound To Guide Our Injections to Exactly Where They Are Needed - No Guessing"

What's the Evidence?

The Cochrane Review is an internationally recognized standard in evidence-based healthcare, investigating the effect of therapeutic interventions and treatments. According to their review, hyaluronic acid (HA) is a viable treatment option for mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis, supported by strong evidence.


Your Journey With Us

Pain shouldn’t put your life on hold! When you are in pain you want the best possible treatment in a timely and convenient matter. Our patients come first and thats why we ensure a seamless pathway from consultation to treatment.

Appointment Booking

Discover the ease of scheduling appointments with our convenient online booking – your path to consult us when it works best for you. Curious about a treatment? Don’t hesitate to reach out! A dedicated member of our team is always ready to respond to your questions through a simple phone call or email. We can offer same day appointments giving you the reassurance you can get the best treatment when you really need it.


Your journey towards relief starts with a comprehensive consultation with our skilled doctor, who will attentively hear your concerns, conduct a thorough examination, and guide you towards the most beneficial course of action to alleviate your symptoms.

Procedure and Aftercare

knee ultrasound examination

If suitable, we provide the convenience of carrying out your ultrasound guided injection during the same visit as your consultation. This streamlined approach not only ensures you receive timely care, but also enhances your overall patient experience. Rest assured, we’ll equip you with comprehensive aftercare guidelines, and should you need us, follow-up appointments are readily available, so you’ll never feel left in the lurch.


Ostenil is licensed for osteoarthritis and so can be used for all joints affected.

Ostenil plus contains no blood, or animal derived products, or human donor products, so they are fine to be used by vegetarians or vegans.

You might feel some discomfort or pressure during the injection, but it’s usually over quickly. You’ll likely be in and out of the office within an hour, and the actual injection takes just a few minutes. Some people can develop some additional pain over 1-2 days after the injection which usually settles.

You may not notice any benefits immediately after the first injection, but you should gradually start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks.

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